RenewIQ™ solutions effectively clean and condition water across a wide range of applications and challenges, including freshwater pretreatment, flowback, produced water cleanup or reuse and wellbore treatment. Built on best-fit technologies, our comprehensive lifecycle programs are custom, cost-effective, more environmentally sustainable alternatives to traditional one-size-fits-all technology.
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How does RenewIQ work?

Rapidly reacting, broad-spectrum biocides oxidize proteins in microbial cells to control biofouling, well and reservoir souring, and microbiologically influenced corrosion. All Nalco Champion RenewIQ oxidative solutions degrade into sustainable byproducts such as vinegar and water.

Environmentally and Economically Sustainable

Reduce freshwater consumption and its associated handling costs by decreasing hydrogen sulfide treatments, improving injectivity, and reducing well workover costs and required filter changes. Realize safety and environmental benefits with easy application and sustainable byproducts.

Safe. Simple. Service.

Nalco Champion is the market leader in oxidation technologies and the programs that most effectively deliver them to the field. We identify the appropriate chemistry and provide equipment and training for safe application. We also help you define and measure performance metrics.

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