EOR Water Shutoff

Reduce water production and increase oil production with optimized gel solutions. In natural water drive reservoirs, high water production rates and fluid levels can result in uneconomic wells. Our optimized gel solutions for water shut-off yield better reservoir drawdown. Let TIORCO help select candidate projects to achieve rapid payback, reduced OPEX and low cost incremental oil recovery.

Proven Field Implementation -WATER SHUTOFF



Polymer Gels

From MARCIT to high-temperature application UNOGEL, we optimize gel systems to create the most effective, efficient solution for your specific reservoir and conformance treatment. Contact us to discuss your polymer gel program.
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Unlock Your Reservoir
April 08, 2015

Unlock Your Reservoir

Tiorco's unique integration of custom equipment, chemistry and implementation services provide a...

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Unlock Your Reservoir - free incremental oil and maximize your ROI with safe, responsible enhanced oil recovery (EOR) solutions from TIORCO.

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