Nalco Champion is styrene producers’ resource for cost-effective and low-toxicity polymerization and corrosion control. Our PRISM™ Program has a proven track record of providing superior performance in polymer inhibition. Through custom designed corrosion control programs, we manage the corrosive environments encountered throughout the unit. We back every solution with our innovative products, an efficient and reliable supply chain, and some of the most experienced technical consultants in the...


During styrene production, controlling polymerization minimizes fouling and monomer loss and protects the unit during an emergency shutdown. Historically, slow-reacting, highly toxic dinitrophenols have been widely used by the industry to control polymerization. Nalco Champion provides greatly improved polymerization control technology for the styrene industry through its innovative PRISM™ program.

Nalco Champion addresses styrene polymerization with customized programs specifically targeting areas of the plant where polymerization control is required.

True Inhibitors
We offer the most cost-effective, optimized polymerization control for back end distillation, vent gas compressor and after reactor cooling areas. Our inhibitors are by far the fastest inhibitors on the market, insuring the lowest polymer generation. In the back end of the unit, we pair our inhibitor with a slower reacting polymer retarder to deliver optimal polymer control during normal production (through inhibitor) and adequate unit protection during an emergency shutdown (through retarder). Our programs are time tested and proven. We treat all technology licensees around the world. 

Green Retarders
The best practice for back end (distillation area) polymer control is the use of a combination true inhibitor plus a retarder. Extremely toxic dinitrophenols, including the DNBP (2,4-dnitro-6-sec butyl phenol), and the DNOC (di-nitro-ortho-cresol), are common retarders. Their oral LD50 values are:

 Product Oral LD50 - Rat (mg/kg) 
 DNOC   10 
 DNBP   58

As the industry sets higher safety and environmental standards, the market needs safer, less toxic alternatives. Nalco Champion responded with Green Retarder technology to replace highly toxic retarders. With an Oral LD50 number greater than 2000 mg/kg, this safer, environmentally friendly alternative has been successfully implemented globally at styrene plants of all major licensed technologies. To ensure adequate plant protection during an emergency shutdown, Nalco Champion provides a proprietary test procedure to estimate the available protection time at a given dosage.   

3D TRASAR™ for Monomers
Nalco Champion pioneered the technology for monitoring inhibitor residuals in the monomers production process, including styrene. This technology improves plant operational reliability by offering in situ monitoring of chemical consumption 24/7.



CO2 dissolved in water creates a corrosive environment. Throughout the styrene units, areas where steam condensation takes place are high-risk areas for corrosion. These include the after reactor coolers before the hydrocarbon water separator, overhead condensers where steam condenses, vent gas compressor after cooler area and overhead of the process water stripper. 

Nalco Champion provides leading corrosion inhibition technologies to address your plant’s corrosion control challenges. Our technologies include both amine-based neutralizers and non-nitrogen containing filmers in places where nitrogen poisoning might be a concern. Our professional on-site service teams provide regular program monitoring to ensure corrosion inhibitor performance. Our advantages include:

  • Comprehensive system survey and risk assessment prior to program proposal
  • Custom-designed program to ensure safety
  • Proprietary amine blends as well as non-nitrogen containing filmers
  • Global technical support resources
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