Prime polymer needs to be uniform in size and shape to flow smoothly through transport and storage. Soft, sticky grades, especially polymers that are low-density, high copolymer content, low-crystallinity or high-melt flow index, can tax your ingenuity to manufacture and supply. Our DETACK™ for Polymers resolves many of the manufacturing and quality issues associated with sticky polymers. No equipment modifications or capital investment are required.

The Nalco Champion DETACK program consists of an anti-tack agent and a flow aid. These products work in tandem and are typically added to the underwater pelletization tanks. Depending on the processing challenges a particular polymer facility is facing, the DETACK program can provide the following benefits:

  • Resolve fused pellets (twins or multiples)
  • Reduce sharkskin (rough surfaces) 
  • Reduce heat exchanger fouling
  • Improve pellet drying (avoid wet pellets)
  • Reduce streamers and fines
  • Improve de-volatilization (reduce odor)
  • Minimize blocking during storage
  • Dissipate static build-up
  • Improve bulk density by eliminating irregular pellets
  • Improve production rates


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