Phase Separation

Nalco Champion provides a suite of specialty chemicals that remove water from oil and oil from water in production systems. Our wide range of emulsion breaker and water clarifier formulations are designed to treat complex emulsions to increase efficiency and uptime, leading to improved total cost of operation. Our emulsion breakers and water clarifiers enable phase separation and treat emulsion in a variety of applications including heavy oil, SAGD, conventional, oil sands, offshore and shale.


Global Oil's Phase Separation Partner

Nalco Champion’s global presence allows us to support our customers across all production environments. We have strategically located plants and warehouses to ensure safe and timely delivery of product. Our global R&D teams develop relevant and practical solutions that best address your emulsion challenges. In addition, our  award-winning enterprise knowledge sharing network enables global collaboration between scientists when solving complex emulsion issues. 

Local Demulsification Expertise

Our local teams provide the expertise and water clarification solutions to help you meet environmental requirements, increase your saleable oil quantities and avoid costly equipment repairs. Let us help prepare your water for end use or re-use.

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