Other Refining Units

All refineries have a crude distillation unit plus a number of utilities with a combination of secondary processing units that depend on the type of crude oil processed and the products produced. Maintain the reliability and efficiency of these critical units with Nalco Champion chemical programs and expertise.

Alkylation Unit

The Alkylation Unit is a secondary process unit that adds high-octane hydrocarbons to the motor and aviation gasoline blend pools. Innovative Nalco Champion water treatment technologies ensure that cooling water exchangers and steam heater reboilers work efficiently. Process side corrosion control programs help ensure unit reliability by avoiding unexpected shutdowns.

Furfural Unit

The furfural unit is upstream of the refinery lube unit and is important to making high quality lube oils. Furfural is a highly selective solvent used to separate paraffinic from aromatic hydrocarbons to produce raffinate with a high viscosity index. Nalco Champion filming amine corrosion inhibitors help protect against corrosion throughout this process.

Lubes Dewaxing Unit

Furfural extraction units refine the base oils that are used for blending lubricant products. The main cause of fouling and corrosion in these units is the degradation of furfural. Furfural degradation generates acidic components and promotes polymerization. We offer chemical programs to help prevent degradation of the furfural solvent and mitigate potential corrosion and fouling issues.

FCC Catalyst Scrubbers

FCC catalyst scrubbers remove fine catalyst particles in FCC slurry oil that has passed the reactor hydrocyclones. High slurry oil particulates contribute to the ash content leading to a downgrade in value, preventing it from being sold as fuel oil or on the higher value carbon black market. To enhance the removal of particulates and ash with catalyst scrubbers in place, we developed slurry oil settling aids to help the refiner meet the desired ash content in their fuel for the right market.

Caustic Scrubbers

Caustic scrubbers (mostly as liquid caustic, but some use caustic soda) are used in the removal of SO2/SO3 and particulates from flue gas emissions. The effluent from the scrubber system is usually sent to a clarifier for solids removal prior to water discharge (or recycle). Nalco Champion can help manage the clarifier operation through pH correction and the implementation of specific flocculants to produce > 98% solids removal in the clarifier.

isom Unit

Isomerization units are important for the conversion of straight chain alkanes into branched alkanes, providing additional feedstock for alkylation units and higher branched isomers for gasoline blending. Innovative Nalco Champion water treatment technologies help ensure that cooling water exchangers and steam heater reboilers avoid unexpected shutdowns and work both efficiently and reliably.

corrosion never sleeps

An effective corrosion-control program must go beyond periodic sampling and manual sample processing. It has to cover the “corrosion windows” consistently and in real time to be 100 percent effective. Our innovative 3DTCOS – Online Analyzer for Crude Overhead Systems – unit can provide refiners with a continuous view of pH, chloride, iron and ammonia levels, providing constant feedback of system assurance as we continually optimize our corrosion control programs.

A world of improvement

The best solutions on the planet won’t help if you cannot access them. Our advanced, real-time corrosion control capabilities are available from every Nalco Champion engineer at every customer site around the globe. And our engineers can provide this information with same-day turnaround and quickly recommend corrosion control options.
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