Lubricity Improvement

Severe hydrotreating is required to produce diesel with lower sulfur content that burns cleaner with lower emissions, however the process also removes naturally occurring lubricating components in the fuel. A diesel fuel with no lubricating properties leads to wear and tear of critical engine components and possible vehicle failure. Nalco Champion offers both acidic and non-acid lubricity improvers to meet industry requirements for use in ultra-low sulfur diesel.

Acidic Lubricity Improver

In heavily hydrotreated, ultra-low sulfur fuels, polar compounds which provide lubrication to engine components have been removed, leaving these components susceptible to wear and catastrophic failure. Acid lubricity improvers provide protection for these diesel engine components at a lower cost and with lower dosages than other types of lubricity additives. Additionally, stringent fuel regulations requiring lower sulfur content in fuels make lubricity improvers a critical additive to meet diesel specifications for lubricity. Advantages of Nalco Champion acidic lubricity improvers include:

  • Multiproduct pipeline approval
  • Rigorous no-harms test protocol

Non-Acidic Lubricity Improvers

Non-acidic lubricity improvers allow improved lubrication of hydrotreated diesel fuels to meet lower sulfur regulations. An advantage of non-acidic lubricity improvers over other additives is that they have fewer potential harms issues. Advantages of Nalco Champion non-acidic lubricity improvers include:

  • Extensive no-harms testing
  • Approval in multiproduct pipelines


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