Hydrate Management

Hydrates are a growing concern in today’s oilfield. Be it deep water, mega gas trains or onshore gas transmission lines, hydrates can lead to safety hazards and production loss. Our low dose hydrate inhibitor (LDHI) portfolio includes anti-agglomerates (AA) and kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHI), proven in a range of environments. Through our industry-leading research team and test capabilities, we risk assess customer problems to develop hydrate mitigation plans for the asset lifecycle.
Hydrate Management

Effective hydrate prevention through modeling

Prevent unexpected production interruption or increased operating expense. With our exclusive hydrate formation modeling program, we can predict future hydrate formation in a particular system plus design and implement hydrate management programs tailored to your system's unique conditions.


Preventing hydrates in offshore production

Offshore producers often struggle with higher produced water cuts that complicate effective inhibition of hydrate formation. Nalco Champion has developed solutions for these conditions, cost-effectively inhibiting hydrate formation with a significantly reduced impact on produced water quality.

Nalco Champion Expands its LDHI Portfolio

We have expanded our portfolio of low-dosage hydrate inhibitors for use in the Gulf of Mexico.
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