At Nalco Champion, we’ve developed a variety of fracturing fluid chemistries to help optimize your operations with friction reducers to minimize fluid friction pressure; biocides to eliminate microorganisms in drilling mud and fracturing fluids; scale control for optimum long term production; clay stabilizers to help maintain permeability; instant and delayed crosslinkers; oxidative and enzyme breakers; along with surfactants, foamers, non-emulsifiers and other fracking chemicals.

More Energy, Less Water

We help energy companies in almost every part of the oil and gas value chain extract more energy while conserving, recycling and reusing water. And in hydraulic fracturing operations, we've been able to reduce freshwater consumption by as much as 50 percent by using chemistries that minimize salinity requirements.

Cutting-Edge Clay Stabilizers

Environmental hazards have forced operators to seek alternatives to salts as a stabilizer. Nalco Champion offers one of the largest suites of high performing clay stabilizers in the industry–from temporary to permanent–that include products designed to have minimal environmental impact.

High-Performance Specialty Products

Specific crude oil and formation characteristics in hydraulic fracturing operations present a unique combination of challenges to efficiently stimulate and prepare the well for production. Nalco Champion solves the puzzle with high-performance specialty products and balanced treatment programs designed to manage those characteristics to your advantage. 

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