Foam Deliquification

Our extensive suite of foamers address many challenges encountered in managing tail-end production of maturing assets such as liquid loading, salt deposition and slugging, etc. We combine expertise with proven foamer chemistries to help you deliquify wells and flowlines, increase oil and gas production, reduce the decline rate and extend the asset lifetime.

Versatile Product Suite Meets Production Needs

Our versatile foamer line can address liquid loading issues experienced in wells with a wide range of water / oil ratios, total dissolved solids contents, and operating and downhole temperatures. We offer many combination solutions for additional asset protection and flow assurance via the addition of corrosion and scale inhibitors. Our capillary-string certified foamers and umbilical certified foamers allow us to best support our customers in precisely and safely delivering the chemical.

Expertise and Robust Process for Deliquification

Nalco Champion uses a robust process to recommend and implement foamer treatment programs to enhance the production. Our technical expertise work with the customer to review the production history, model and diagnose the root cause of production decline, recommend product, execute and optimize the program to ensure the success and return of the investment.
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