EOR Conformance & In-Depth Conformance

Significantly improve your water and EOR flood economics with even small increases in sweep efficiency in both near-wellbore and in-depth applications. From bulk gel and foam options to our innovative Brightwater® technology, TIORCO’s custom reservoir conformance improvement technologies meet your specific reservoir challenges and conditions.

Conformance Improvement

Proven Field Implementation - Conformance


Polymer Gels

More than products – partnerships. From MARCIT to high-temperature application UNOGEL, our expertise in optimizing gel systems results in the most effective, efficient solution for your specific reservoir and conformance treatment. Contact us to discuss your polymer gel program.

Foams for Conformance

Our specialty surfactant formulations create in-situ foam for gas diversion. But first, we conduct extensive reservoir and fluid analysis to determine the optimal foam formulation to improve conformance in your water alternating gas flood (air, nitrogen, CO2 or natural gas).


Proven Field Implementation - IN-DEPTH CONFORMANCE


BrightWater® Nanotechnology

Go deeper with Brightwater. TIORCO’s exclusive BrightWater technologies are designed for customizable placement deep in the reservoir. Improve conformance in a wide range of reservoir temperatures and water salinities.
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Unlock Your Reservoir
April 08, 2015

Unlock Your Reservoir

Tiorco's unique integration of custom equipment, chemistry and implementation services provide a...

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