Drilling & Completions

For over 50 years, we have supported the well-servicing industry with a wide range of drilling-fluid additives, including mud emulsifiers, wetting agents and lubricants. But our real differentiator is our ability to collaborate with you to solve complex problems. Combining our expertise and robust technology, we evaluate data to see how processes interact, allowing us to deliver targeted solutions supported by a fully integrated manufacturing capacity that ensures a consistent supply.

Maintaining the Flow

As the industry pushes farther into more unconventional global frontiers, the need for focused, local value-added chemical expertise and support becomes even more critical. We have the solutions and services to make those innovations real, helping you optimize production and enhance your bottom line with long-term solutions.

Economics of Sustainability

Our business practices are aligned to support the sustainable production of energy for the world, and that includes your operations. Our products, testing capabilities and technologies are all designed to help you produce oil and gas more responsibly. We make it a point to stay informed on regulatory compliance, mitigating your risk.

Optimizing Production Through Planning

Success requires methodology. We have developed a program to highlight potential risks in any oil or gas production asset. Through a systematic framework, we holistically assess and effectively manage risks, deploy chemical applications, monitor progress and optimize business throughout the asset life cycle.

Minimize Surface-to-Surface Contact

The last thing you want to encounter during drilling is stuck pipe. Torque Free HD is a proprietary drilling mud lubricant designed to reduce torque, drag and friction in oil- and water-based drilling fluids, keeping the drill string away from the wellbore in high-angle and horizontal applications while fighting corrosion and wear.

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