Corrosion Prevention

Our RD&E team, including PhD-level synthetic organic chemists, specialize in molecular designs that result in superior corrosion inhibition. We partner with our customers to evaluate fields that are under aggressive conditions, and we support development in labs equipped to simulate the corrosive conditions they are likely to encounter. Our proactive approach to mitigating corrosion helps customers avoid expensive damage to equipment and shutdowns that keep them from producing.

Simulations for All Corrosive Conditions

Nalco Champion has the expertise and equipment to accurately simulate the corrosive environment you’re facing. This allows us to provide you with the best possible outcome as soon as possible. Our simulation capabilities include the following:

  • Low shear conditions
  • High shear conditions
  • Sour environments
  • Heavily fouled systems
  • Under deposits
  • Surface analysis
  • High-temperature/high-pressure environments,
  • Deepwater conditions
  • Thermal stability and compatibility

Clean N Cor: Cleaning + Corrosion Inhibition

Fouling can lead to failure. Build-up in production and injection systems decrease the effectiveness of corrosion inhibition programs. Patented Clean n Cor® is a water-soluble, best-in-class corrosion inhibitor designed to simultaneously clean moderately to heavily fouled systems, prevent additional deposits and provide superior corrosion inhibition at the pipe surface. Clean, protected systems increase uptime, production and revenue and decrease corrosion-related failures.

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