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Ecolab joins White House Water Summit with Commitment to Help Build a Sustainable Water Future

Mar 22, 2016

Ecolab is honored to participate in the White House Water Summit, hosted on World Water Day, which aims to “shine a spotlight on the importance of cross-cutting, creative solutions to solving the water problems of today, as well as to highlight the innovative strategies that will catalyze change in how we use, conserve, protect, and think about water in the years to come.”

As the global leader in water technologies and services, Ecolab’s greatest impact on water use is through its work to help customers improve the efficiency of their operations. In 2015, Ecolab helped customers around the world conserve more than 127 billion gallons of water. 

In addition to Ecolab’s commitment to helping customers do more while using less water, water conservation across the company’s own operations is foundational to its commitment to protecting and preserving the world’s limited fresh water.  Today, as part of the White House Water Summit, Ecolab is committing to improving water-productivity intensity by 30 percent in its United States facilities by 2020 (from a 2015 baseline). This will conserve approximately 100 million gallons of water over five years.


Learn more about the White House Water Summit:

White House Fact Sheet (below):

White House Commitments Report (Ecolab commitment is listed on page 26):

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