All around the world, refiners face constant pressure to move product. At Nalco Champion, we help our downstream customers meet that challenge with a comprehensive range of additives and support for finished products, heavy oils and crude oils. Backed by years of expertise, our on-site service representatives assist with product selection, injection points, and equipment to ensure optimum dosage and performance. Our mission is to keep you operating at maximum profitability and compliance.

Nalco Champion Fuel Field Manual

This fully revised guide shows, step-by-step, how to effectively solve fuel problems you might face in the field.  Written by leading petroleum expert Kim B. Peyton, Nalco Champion Fuel Field Manual, 3rd Edition, covers the entire range of problems encountered during the refining, storage, transportation, delivery and combustion processes.  The book offers quick answers to difficult questions, taking you easily from problem to solution.

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About the Author

Kim Peyton began his career in the petroleum industry in 1978. Currently, he is an Industry Fellow at Nalco Champion in Sugar Land, Texas where he works daily with technical and engineering staff to provide products, technical service, and problem solving support to petroleum refiners, fuel marketers, and others in the petroleum industry.  He holds a B. S. Degree in Chemistry from Marshall University and an M. S. Degree in Organic Chemistry from California State University, Fullerton.

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