Energy Exploration & Production

We deliver safe, sustainable chemistry programs & services to maximize production, optimize water use & overcome complex challenges in the world’s toughest energy frontiers.

Improving Oil and Gas Production

Maintaining asset integrity, uninterrupted flow assurance, production maximization and water management are critical to our customer’s success. Through life-cycle partnerships, we solve the complex challenges that impact an asset’s production and profitability.

Markets We Serve



Improve performance in extreme arctic conditions with winterized chemistries backed by cold climate RD&E.

Conventional Production

Nalco Champion is a global leader in field-proven asset integrity and production enhancement solutions for conventional oil and gas operations.

Deepwater / Ultra-Deepwater

Reduce CAPEX spend and OPEX cost with services, and chemistries aligned to enhance production recovery rates across the lifecycle of your projects.

Heavy Oil

Manage viscosity and improve the flow characteristics of heavy oil to increase production and decrease costs.

Oil Sands

We provide advanced froth treatment and demulsifiers for mining extraction, and world-class water technologies and emulsion breakers for SAGD production.


We have the proven experience and technology to provide effective treatments that facilitate shale exploration and significantly increase production.

Collaboration is key

We're focused on making sure you get the right services at the right time. That's why we make it a point to understand your business goals. Effective chemical management programs are the result of collaboration. And we're there with field evaluations, analytical services, research and product development, supply, testing, risk management, monitoring and optimization.

Supply on demand

Nalco Champion ensures that current and anticipated consumption needs are squarely met, starting with field manufacturing, warehousing and stock points. We have management processes, contingency suppliers, chemical transfer plans and emergency inventory replenishments ready to support the supply chain along with a fleet of trucks ready for transport.

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